If your dog has Kidney Disease we want to help!

Since 2003 we have been helping dogs with our Canine Kidney Health Nutritional program. Our program is based on the same methods, therapies and herbal formulations used by Dr Richard Schulze and Dr John Christopher that have helped thousands of people nourish their bodies back to health. With the help of Herbalists and Veterinarians we have specified this safe and highly effective program for dogs.

The Canine Kidney Health Nutritional Program works pretty much like a specialized diet giving different herbs (safe concentrated foods full of vitamins and minerals) 3 to 4 times a day (see Instructions page for administration details), specialized home prepared meals (see Diet page for recipe suggestions) and working with your Veterinarian to monitor your dog’s health and response to the diet. Our goal is for your dog to get healthy by supporting his system naturally. A dog with unhealthy kidney function will deteriorate over time if symptom management is your only approach.

Our program helps to nourish and support the healthy function of the kidneys. Symptoms of kidney failure are generally not visible until there is less than 25% of kidney function left. Most people don’t realize that their dog’s kidneys are having trouble until they start noticing the symptoms, lack of appetite, excessive drinking and urination, weight loss, nausea, poor coat, hind end weakness, etc.

Blood tests are generally how kidney failure is diagnosed. The problem is, blood tests cannot tell us a specific percentage of how much of the kidneys are actually working. It is believed that the numbers do not start creeping above normal range until there is a loss of 75% of the kidneys’ function. What this means is that the kidneys are not truly failing to do their job until they are on their last 25%. This means we only need a little more than 25% to survive. So when your Vet tells you that your dog only has 25% or less of his kidney function, it is not always as bad as it may seem. The goal of our program is to support the healthy function your dog’s kidneys still have and get that working as efficiently as possible so it can keep up with the demands of the body. Blood tests in normal range mean that the kidneys are no longer failing to do their job and they are effectively keeping up with the demands of the body.

Canine Kidney Disease comes in various forms, dogs on our program have had the following conditions:

• Acute Kidney Failure

• Chronic Kidney Failure

• Congenital Kidney Disease

• Glomerulonephritis

• Kidney Failure due to Lyme and other tick born diseases

Canine kidney disease is a devastating and aggressive disease. While it is commonly seen in elderly dogs and thought to be part of the aging process, more and more we are seeing younger dogs being affected. Canine kidney disease is considered irreversible and canine kidney failure is usually considered fatal by conventional veterinary medicine.

Conventional treatment focuses on treating symptoms and managing the disease with fluid therapy, drugs and prescription low protein/low phosphorus commercially prepared diets. In some cases, this can prolong the life of the animal but will never repair the damaged kidneys.

It is no surprise that treating symptoms does not restore health. Conventional treatment does nothing to support the body in healing so how can we expect our dogs to recover by only doing conventional things?

The Canine Kidney Health program comes in where conventional treatment leaves off. Our program focuses on nourishing the cells of the body by giving them the support they need in the form of herbs and a natural whole foods diet. The herbs in our formulae help to support the kidneys function, cleanse impurities from the blood and allow the body to focus energy where it is needed to support healing.

Every living being has the ability to heal itself of any disease if given the chance. Your dog’s body has a blue print for how to repair itself from injury and disease. Since the body is so full of intricate inner workings it only makes sense that the body itself has the ability to heal from within, conventional drugs and processed foods in the long run just add more toxins to the body therefore, debilitating the body even more, further compromising the healing process.

“Both my vet and I didn’t think that she would live for much longer.”


My 16 year old toy poodle, Brea, was diagnosed with both kidney failure and heart failure a few months ago. Both my vet and I didn’t think that she would live for much longer. Brea had stopped eating, lost 3 pounds, and was vomiting on a daily basis. I had a difficult time accepting the idea of losing her, and began researching alternative therapies. I came across several websites, but Five Leaf gave me the most hope. So many positive testimonials from people with pets in a similar condition coming from all over the world, made me at least want to give the products a try. I called the 1-800 number and talked to Amanda personally. Talking to a real person, who also happens to be the founder of Five Leaf, gave me much hope. Amanda was cordial, friendly, and most importantly, gave me customized advise regarding Brea’s specific condition.

Five Leaf has not and will not pay me for this testimonial. I am compelled to write, only because my pet has recovered her quality of life, her happiness, and is still around. I would like to see pets in similar condition being offered a chance to recover their health. That’s all.

On March 2, 2012, Brea’s BUN was over 130 mg/dL (way high and off the charts. The normal range is between 7-27 mg/dL), the CREA was 4.0 mg/dL (normal range is between 0.5-1.8 mg/dL), and her ALT was at 347 U/L (normal range is between 10-100 U/L). After doing two 3-week cycles of both the kidney and the heart treatments from Five Leaf, the numbers are still a bit high, but have come down so much, that my vet was puzzled. The numbers, as of April 16, 2012, were: BUN at 76 mg/dL, CREA at 1.9 mg/dL, and the ALT at 198 U/L. I have started a third 3-week cycle which will end in one week, and am confident that these numbers have improved additionally.

There are some veterinarian websites that, without having tried these products, state that they can be dangerous, that they do not work, and that IF they work it is due to the placebo effect! How can it be the placebo effect on a pet??? Plus, the numbers clearly indicate that the products work! So, my advise to anyone with a pet in a similar condition as my Brea is: GIVE IT A TRY. You have nothing to lose! Correction, you will be short of a couple hundred dollars, but in my opinion, our little companions are worth that small investment.

Thank you, Five Leaf, and thank you Amanda, for the wonderful and important work that you do. Brea and I love you lots!

Dr. Alexandra David
Professor of Piano
Central Michigan University*

*Results shared in reviews are not typical; your results may vary.

“The vet was very surprised and almost speechless!”


The day after her twin sister passed, Anya (14 1/2 years old) was diagnosed with kidney failure. (Her creatinine level was 7.2.) Imagine our horror at thinking we would loose both of our beloved shelties at once! Immediately I went on-line and began a search for a solution. After reading all the amazing testimonials and saying lots of prayers, I ordered the program. Anya stayed at the veterinarian’s for 2 days and received IV fluids and her creatinine level dropped to 4.2 which gave us even more hope. Once she came home, we immediately began the program. For the first several weeks we had to feed her babyfood and other soft foods with a syringe as she would not eat on her own. But we just kept gently talking to her while we did her therapy 4 times a day and by week three she began eating on her own. We knew the program must be working because our doctor told us that she would probably not eat well until her creatinine level got into the low 3’s or 2’s. We finished the first three weeks and immediately began the program again and continued to see improvement in her appetite and energy levels.

She is now running to the door for walks which is something she has not done for over a year! We just got back from the vet’s today and her creatinine level is down to 2.6! The vet was very surprised and almost speechless! We are going to do another round of the program again for the 3rd time and she if she shows even more improvement. I can’t thank Amanda enough for developing something that has blessed our family with more time with Anya. The vet had originally told us to enjoy her for a couple more days and it has been almost a month and a half! Anya is acting more youthful than ever. If you believe in herbal remedies than you should try this one! It has honestly made a huge difference in all our lives! God bless!

Kim Clair
Shawnee, KS*

*Results shared in reviews are not typical; your results may vary.

The kidneys play just as important a role in cleaning your dog’s blood as the liver. When the kidneys are healthy they take on the job of filtering blood plasma, they return good clean blood to the body and create urine to expel the waste. They also regulate the acid/alkaline balance, as well as the water and electrolytes of the blood. In natural healing not only do we focus on the problem area (in this case the kidneys) we also make sure the rest of the body is working properly.

There are many reasons why our pets get sick, probably thousands of reasons. The hundreds of chemicals we use for food production, lawn care, plastics, the air we breathe, vaccines etc. These toxins all get ingested into our pets’ bodies and can lead to liver disease, heart disease, kidney disease and cancer among many other serious and life threatening illnesses.

You see, a healthy pet’s body doesn’t just say “hey, let’s start making a disease” it’s all the toxic waste the body is trying to expel that gets trapped within that starts the disease process.

The first step you must take in the fight against canine kidney disease is stop giving your dog toxins. Feed a home prepared whole food diet. Commercial pet food, dry or canned, WILL NOT DO even if it’s the newest, best, number one, organic or human grade food, it is simply too processed. Feeding your dog whole foods that you have prepared will ensure there are no hidden toxic ingredients that will harm your loved one. Our Diet page offers high quality protein/low phosphorus recipes that you can lovingly prepare for your best friend.

The only true improvements in health we have seen have been realized in dogs that were fed exclusively home prepared meals as required in all of our natural healing programs.

“the Vet told us that Moongchi only had one month to live”


On 13th September 2009 our 8 year old cocker spaniel Moongchi was taken to the Vet in a very serious state as he was not eating, he could not walk properly, he was only drinking a tiny amount of water and his stools were most unhealthy. The Veterinarian conducted some blood tests and diagnosed Moongchi with renal failure, reporting raised levels of electrolyte and BUN of 214. As a temporary measure the Vet ensured that Moongchi was placed on an IV drip and hospitalised for two days. Before he was released the Vet told us that Moongchi only had one month to live but if we were lucky 6 weeks, and we just had to try to make his life as comfortable as possible for him. We were absolutely devastated at the prospect of our dog slowly dying and not being around at Christmas. This was especially heartbreaking for us as he had only just been released from 6 months Quarantine in May. We could not accept what was happening, so my wife and I started looking on the internet for other solutions as a final last chance. We came across Five Leaf, read the testimonials, and were really encouraged by other peoples experiences. However we did ever so slightly wonder whether the treatments really worked, but due to Moongchi’s condition, had no choice but to put our faith in Five Leaf. We have absolutely no regrets, we contacted Amanda by telephone and found her very attentive and helpful as not only did she suggest a course of treatments but also gave us helpful dietary tips tailored for his condition. Two days later the FedEx man arrived, and we began the course of medication combined with Moongchi’s new diet. After only 2 to 3 days we began to notice an immediate improvement in Moongchi as he seemed more lively and bubbly and he was at least drinking water normally. Moongchi continued to improve leaps and bounds and then after about 2 weeks he was actually begging for food – which we cannot remember him ever doing, drinking normally, and his stools had never looked better. We were so delighted as the medication and change of diet was having a real impact. These days Moongchi is an extremely healthy cocker spaniel who would have died many months ago if we had only listed to our vets. His course of herbal medication finished some time ago but we are sticking to his diet which includes dog greens and contacting Amanda for further tips to ensure that we are doing all we can to maintain his health. Now Moongchi runs around the house like crazy and has more energy than we can ever remember. He is so bubbly and happy. We are so grateful to Five Leaf and all the help Amanda has provided on the way.

Graham and Younyoung Harvey

London, UK*

*Results shared in reviews are not typical; your results may vary.

The following are additional steps we strongly recommend to give your pet the very best chance at recovery.

Step 1: Pure drinking water, be it through carbon filter, reverse osmosis, distilled etc. Clean filtered water is essential. Tap water is full of poisons. Why make your dog’s kidneys work harder having to filter more poisons from their blood. Distilled water also aids in flushing toxins from the system.

Step 2: Plant based vitamins and minerals from grasses, sea vegetables and seaweeds known as superfoods. In the right combinations, these superfoods contain every possible nutrient, amino acid, vitamin, mineral, etc. This will ensure your pet’s body is getting all the nutrients it will need to support the healing process and fight against disease. Synthetic vitamins and minerals don’t cut it, they are made from dirt, stones, clam shells and even chemicals. They are poorly absorbable and can be toxic. Synthetic substances will put unnecessary strain on your pet’s system. If you can obtain a nutrient from a natural source that should be your first choice. We were given plants to convert inorganic non-absorbable earth minerals into highly absorbable organic nutrients that animals can digest.

Step 3: Specific herbs to not only help stimulate and support the kidneys but to cleanse your dog’s system, strengthening his immune system while cleansing and supporting the liver. The liver and kidneys are your dog’s filtration system, when one is diseased or not working properly it puts more strain on the other organ which may lead to it becoming compromised as well, recirculating toxins within the body causing disease.

Step 4: Hydrotherapy, this therapy utilizes alternating hot and cold water on the affected area, which promotes rapid healing. This therapy has been used for centuries in Europe to heal every kind of disease. Recently in America body builders and athletes have found hydrotherapy beneficial in repairing torn and injured muscles more quickly by bringing more blood, oxygen and nutrients to the affected area. We have seen hydrotherapy alone heal a dog from chronic sinus infection, repair torn ligaments, rebuild heart muscle and remove lumps and bumps.

Step 5: Exercise, this is something many neglect when their animal is sick. Often exercise is only seen as something necessary for keeping fit or to lose weight. Many don’t realize that exercise not only stimulates circulation and strengthens muscles it also strengthens your dog’s organs, intestines and stomach and creates wonderful healing chemicals within the body. Of course common sense must be used if your dog is extremely sick and you should always start off slowly with short walks and build up day by day.

The Canine Kidney Health program uses an array of therapies, herbs and whole foods to restore your loved one to good health. No one therapy is more important than another. This program is a life change for your dog and will offer his best chance at recovery.

“My regular vet was pleasantly surprised”

blackie boggs
August 17/07

My dog Blackie is a 14 year old Cocker spaniel. I adopted her 8 years ago. She is blind and over the time I have had her, her only health issue has been an issue with inflammatory bowls. Other than that and more recently some hip issues, she has been healthy. About four months ago she rather quickly became ill–not eating, throwing up. I took her to the emergency room where she was diagnosed with kidney failure. Her creatinine number was 6.1 and her BUN,216. She was hospitalized and placed on fluids and antibiotics–the latter in case the issue was an infection. I was told if after 48 hours the numbers dropped by 50% it would be a good sign. Unfortunately, They did not–only about 25%. I was sent home with aluminum hydroxide (a phosphorus binder) and fluids to give to her under the skin and told to get and give her azodyl. Although not said bluntly, I felt the message was: there is little that can be done and this is palliative care. The first day she was home I felt powerless, hopeless. That night I prayed and when I got up the next day I was resolved not to surrender without a fight. I went to the Web and found CannineKidneyHealth.Com. I called, I listened. Hope was restored. I immediately moved her to the recommended organic diet and distilled water–and was happy when she ate it and kept it down. I ordered the greens and the drops. I took the program to my holistic vet, and he told me he was familiar with the Dr.’s who had put it together and approved me putting her on the program. One week later, her numbers were: creatinine 1.46 and BUN 103. My regular vet was pleasantly surprised. About three weeks later her creatinine was 1.1 and her BUN was 81. Her phosphorus was also within normal limits–a little on the high end but normal, and that is where they have remained. The numbers are only part of the good story: She is more alert and active than in several years. Her bowls are normal–which seems to be a byproduct of the new diet. I have given her the aluminum hydroxide, the fluids and the azodyl too, and for good measure I have had acupuncture and given her Chinese herbs recommended by my holistic vet, but I am absolutely sure that the improvement has been primarily do to the Canine Kidney Health program. I know she cannot live forever–none of us can–but I am sure that I am going to have for a lot longer than I would have had I not found CanineKidneyHealth.com

Thank you Skye!

September 10/07

Just wanted to let you know latest on Blackie had blood work done on Saturday results are essentially same on creatinine and phosphorous–both normal. Good news on BUN—went down 35 points from 80 to 55. I have been doing the hydro twice daily and it seems to be working.

Larry Boggs

Virginia, USA*

*Results shared in reviews are not typical; your results may vary.

Dogs of any age are capable of recovery, a large majority of the dogs who have seen wonderful results by following our program are elderly dogs who are in their mid to late teens so don’t let your dog’s age deter you from giving them their best possible chance at having many more happy years with your family.

The sooner you start doing everything you can to support your dog’s body in the healing process, the better his chances will be for recovery.

Canine Kidney Health Program Packages

The Canine kidney Health Program is organized in 3 week cycles. To get your dog started on the program please choose a package below based on his weight. The packages include all you will need for each 3 week cycle and may last longer than 3 weeks depending on your dog’s weight.

With your order you will receive a copy of our Canine Kidney Health Program Handbook. This book includes important information on:

• Detailed Program Instructions

• Daily Schedule Samples

• Dosage Chart

• Diet and Exercise

Please visit the Instructions page on this site for dosage and administration information.

We are available for support or questions on our toll free line from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. EST Monday through Friday or by email 24 hours a day.


It is essential to work with your Veterinarian to monitor you dog’s recovery and supply you with tools to keep your dog hydrated. If your Vet has not already suggested fluid therapy ask them about administering subcutaneous fluids at home. We highly recommend you do everything you can to ensure your dog stays as hydrated as possible while on the program, as it has proven to make a big difference in the results seen. Your Vet can show you how to administer the fluids and supply you with all you will need to do so. This is common practice, so you should not have trouble finding a Veterinarian to help you.

If you ask the right questions, your Veterinarian can be a wealth of knowledge. Try to educate yourself on the stages and symptoms of canine kidney disease. Symptoms of this aggressive disease can be varied and wide spread. The more you know the better prepared you will be to manage your dog’s situation.

Your vet can run blood work once you have completed 3 or 6 weeks and this will tell you if you need to repeat another cycle or if your dogs values are in normal range in which case continuing with a healthy lifestyle including natural whole food nutrition will keep him healthy.

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brandy martin

Our 12 year old yellow lab, Rally, was very ill out of the blue one Sunday afternoon. She was vomiting and not acting like her happy self. After my wonderful neighbor (lucky for us, our local veterinarian!) examined her, he suggested settling her stomach because you never know what labs may eat. He also told us to monitor her carefully for a day or two. On Tuesday she wasn't much better, so we took her to the vet. They took blood and discovered her kidney values were off the charts—9.7 Creatinine and 155 BUN—diagnosing her with Kidney Failure. We were shocked, devastated and beside ourselves. They kept her for three nights administering IV fluids and giving her proper medicine... Even though I was skeptical, I knew there was hope because Rally was always a very healthy, active dog... I began the program immediately and sure enough after the first cycle, Rally's Creatinine dropped to 2.8 and BUN dropped to 36. After the second round her Creatinine was 2.1 and BUN was 16!!! We were (and still are!) jubilant!!*

*Testimonial results not typical; your results may vary.

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Hi and welcome to Five Leaf Pet Botanicals. My name is Amanda Banting, I am a Herbalist and the founder of Five Leaf Pet Botanicals.

We have been helping dogs with kidney, heart and liver disease live happier, healthier, longer lives for over ten years. Please read my story below to get an idea of who we are and how we can help.

Fourteen years ago one of my seven dogs, Tom (he was 6 years old at the time and my eldest), was diagnosed with heart disease, he was given only 6 - 12 months to live. I was devastated. My dogs are my children, so I could not accept his prognosis. I was already practicing natural healing and was very knowledgeable in the power of herbs as medicine, but my education had focused on treating humans, not canines. I, like many other dog owners, thought dogs were dogs - they were fed kibble, brought for walks, given vaccines here and there and they would live into their teens, hopefully dying in their sleep.

Since all my dogs were still young and relatively healthy up until that point, I never had to think about treating them with herbs and natural healing. Since the Vets had given me no hope for Tom and actually told me flat out ''there is no cure for heart disease'' I felt I had no choice but to take matters into my own hands...